Cara Delevingn’s Replica TAG Heuer Advertising Photo UK Was Successfully Auctioned In London

As the leading role of TAG Heuer’s new advertising blockbuster, the supermodel Cara Delevingne presented in London, auctioning the original photo of the “No Fear under Press” advertisement taken by the photographer David Yarrow. The photo delivers a brave message. Cara Delevingne stood a few meters away from the roaring lion, proudly and confidently. As the protagonist of TAG Heuer’s new advertising blockbuster, this supermodel hopes to demonstrate the power to encourage others .

The TAG Heuer on her wrist has enhanced the indenpence and courage of the wearers.

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Independence, strength and courage, which are the value that the creative copy TAG Heuer, the auction organizer and Jean-Claude Biver want to deliver. The original advertisement photo of TAG Heuer displayed on Maddox Gallery has been auctioned with a high price of 120,000 pounds. All the income will be donated to the Cara Delevingn Foundation, which is committed to the development of young women’s rights all over the world.

Cara Delevingn presents the boldness and braveness perfectly that TAG Heuer and the photographer want to deliver.

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On this special night, David Yarrow and Cara Delevingn also shared the experiences with the world’s most dangerous animal, the lion and the environmental conditions for taking this special photo without adding any special effects. Brave Cara Delevingn has manifested the personality of modern young people, meanwhile, the TAG Heuer fake watch with high performance has enhanced her charm of independence and braveness.