Geman Glashutte Original Back to China

Shanghai bund 18 held a special cheap watches ceremony, to celebrate the precious chronometer in Germany to return to China after repair.In case he said, almost a year after the repair of the chronometer can finally returned to formally on behalf of the Qingdao observatory.Case he (Glashutte what) artisans has been restored to their Original state, the chronometer and will be on public display in Shanghai until October 17.The history of the chronometer and German originChina’s east coast of Qingdao, centuries of ups and downs.As an important naval base in qing dynasty, Qingdao has made numerous European explorers and settlers covet.In 1897, Qingdao by the German occupation;17 years (1914) and takeover by Japan.Today, Germany’s reign preserved many historical buildings, the most worth mentioning is the German scientists to build the observatory.The observatory enormous contribution to Chinese modern astronomical research.Since its completion, become, including meteorology, astronomy, geomagnetism and geology of the scientific research center of the multiple disciplines.德国格拉苏蒂天文钟重返中国  (点击图片翻页)

In 1956, the observatory installed a very accurate chronometer (the manufacturer, is specialized in manufacturing precision pendulum clock and the said Germany’s famous tabulation Strasser & Rohde/Glashutte).As a result, the technology and equipment has become increasingly perfect and powerful observatory.Since 1956, the astronomical clock signal always use second auxiliary astronomical camera device (for astrophotography).In addition, it also is used as a telescope tracking system.It is the chronometer, witnessed the development of Chinese modern astronomy.For the cause of China’s astronomical work continuously for more than luxury fake watches half a century later, it needs to be a professional repair.Qingdao observatory in preparation for the 2009 111 founding anniversary of the observatory staff hopes to repair the chronometer.Soon they found that he only Germany lattice, tabulation masters can repair the precious chronometer – because only they know the precision machinery repair methods.”He (Glashutte what) and restoration studiosHe said as a grid, long tabulation traditional legal heir, case he’s (Glashutte what) agree to carry the chronometer back to its origin, conduct a thorough careful maintenance.In Germany, he’s professional work in a clock repair indoor 德国格拉苏蒂天文钟重返中国  (点击图片翻页)horological museum, case he’s Glashutte (the Original) of a group of experienced tabulation artisans and watch repair experts make produced in case he town of ancient chronometer to glow the vitality of life.Experts spent 10 months time carefully repaired the Qingdao chronometer, let its glamour reproduced in the world;All components and parts, including gear, pointer, dial, pendulum and wooden clock box are copied, according to the sample replica watches have been tidied up.If you need to understand the details of the repair process, please see the attachment.