The Apple Watch

“Not bad at all” was my immediate reaction to the introduction of the Apple Watch. However, it also struck me that this is not really a best quality replica watch but more a reincarnation of the iPod Nano, only designed with round edges and meant to be worn on the wrist. A kind of Bonsai-iPhone, for lack of a better description. 

Reading the time is, of course, a very secondary concern for wearers of the Apple Watch. This new smartwatch is stunningly innovative, and I am sure it will sell like hell. But make no mistake, the Apple Watch will certainly not do harm to the Swiss Watch Industry, as foreseen by Apple design guru Jonathan Ive. In fact, in my opinion, the traditional mechanical wristwatch has become even more attractive after the launch of the Apple Watch, since it now can be regarded as the “antidote” to the smartwatch. With all the possible information that will now be flowing to and from the wrist, the Apple Watch defines the beginning of a new technological era. Yet, the classical mechanical Swiss-made wristwatch should only profit from this development. I don’t even think the Swatch watch brand will suffer, since those cheap replica watches are unique enough that an Apple Watch cannot replace them. Yes, there will be some watch companies that suffer. For those offering more or less no-name quartz watches, made of a mediocre quality, the market may well become challenging. Below are some photos, taken from the Apple homepage, showing several looks for the new Apple Watch. For more technical information,  And please do let me know your own thoughts on the Apple Watch!


Apple Watch - bracelet

Apple Watch - orange strap

Apple Watch - gold, orange strap

Apple Watch - black rubber strap

Apple Watch - Mickey Mouse

Apple Watch - gold-black