The ultimate maker G-SHOCK MRG-G1000RT Limited listed

Since 1983, the birth of the world’s first piece unique shockproof watch, G-Shock with core “TOUGHNESS” concept, will subvert the spirit of the traditional injection watches, with bold new sharp design combined with strong function and structure, and create a shockproof luxury fake watches swept the world of legend.

G-SHOCK the most high-end MR-G series was born in 1996. M represents R, Reality, Majesty, that is, a masterpiece of individuality, but also the first metal quality of the earthquake G-SHOCK. The, Casio special launched MR-G series Basel special limited edition MRG-G1000RT, inherited the powerful function of a generation MRG-G1000. The Ti64 titanium alloy forging and into. To achieve the perfect function and the combination of materials, the metal beauty dripping show as subversive.
All table styles MR-G series are on behalf of the Casio’s top manufacturing technology in Yamagata, Yamagata) factory high-end products dedicated production line (premium production line assembly. In clean production environment and 1 / 1000 mm high accuracy conditions, relying on advanced technology and skilled artisans skills, through the pursuit of material, design and construction excellence, create a Japanese quality trustworthy.

The ultimate appearance, perfect design
G-Shock MRG-G1000RT by the world’s top SALLAZ polishing technology, with manual mode will precision titanium metal surface polishing, create a heavy sense and sense of high quality replica watches appearance, table circle by high strength of 64 titanium alloy to create, is sunlight showing a unique metallic luster texture, particularly after years of purification of the charming luster. Watchcases and watchbands, after special DLC (Diamond-Like carbon class diamond coating processes and improve the watch wear resistance and corrosion resistance, showing exquisite and steady “blue”, to brisk gold decorated dial time scale and the crown, it is perfectly illustrates the Japanese metal process aesthetics.
MRG-G1000RT using sapphire glass, with high anti planning; at the same time high transmission rate make the reflection mirror face does not, improve the surface accessibility. Large dial and 7 o’clock position in a small dial, have the hour and minute hands can also display two time in the city, let shuttle around the world business elite, can at any time and anywhere and quickly grasp the precise time.

Above the earth, always synchronized
G-Shock MRG-G1000RT equipped with Casio’s first of GPS+6 Bureau of radio receiving dual time correction system. The two different time correction mode set in the table within the body, rapid analytical time zones and daylight savings time information, regardless of the body in where, can obtain more accurate time correction, really is sense achieve above the earth, the time synchronization. And the strong solar drive system, not just the sun, even the weak sunlight source can also be converted into electricity, and stored in the large capacity of the battery, to ensure the stable operation of various functions.
Main function: * earthquake *200M waterproof * solar powered X6 Bureau waves * pointer position automatic correction signal *GPS receiving * smartphone operating system * world * stopwatch (1 / 20) * countdown * alarm * low battery alarm * full automatic calendar * sapphire mirror * depth of hardening treatment of titanium metal strap.